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New Ecology Concept

Latest generation flexible hoses made of eco-friendly materials respecting the environment. Excellent durability and the highest reliability guaranteed by the new internal liner.

Top Quality

The flexible hose is the most critical component for health and safety. MRG introduces: T.Q. – TOP QUALITY.

Italian flexible hoses.


Compression fitting of innovative design with high performance hydraulic seal. Latest generation pluricertified flexible hoses made of eco-friendly materials respecting the environment.

Slim Line

Pressure crimping, fittings 100% made of brass. Hose manufactured with a production process able to discard parts with surface imperfections. Crimping conformity check for each single piece.

Easy Connexion

Quick fitting made of highly resistant and technologically advanced plastics conceived to connect the pull-out hose to the kitchen faucet.

Swivel Flex | Twist

Increased resistance at a competitive price. Fittings made of CW617N brass conform to European Standards. Concealed crimping ferrules made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Crimping with “electronic balanced control”.


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