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MRG obtains registration into the SCIP database

An important result, obtained in a short time, which ensures partners a new level of compliance with environmental protection regulations.

The provision of the SCIP number certifies the successful registration of the company in the ECHA database. For some of our brass fittings, based on the type of alloy used, there is in fact a percentage of Pb (SVHC substance - CAS NUMBER: 7439-92-1) for a value between > 0.1% and <100% (weight / weight ratio), value set by ECHA for inclusion in the database.


We have acted promptly to comply with this request and be able to provide our customers with the peace of mind of being 100% compliant with the new regulation.

The SCIP number associated with MRG is: 


and must be used as a reference for all documentation about compliance with environmental protection regulations.

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