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Certification No. 2 in Italy

Controlled origin and quality

The OQC mark is a registration and listing program to distinguish quality products through continuous checks and regular inspections.

MRG has obtained the OQC voluntary mark released by the American Certification Institute “NSF International” which guarantees that the whole manufacturing process is 100% carried out in Italy and that “made in MRG” products are worldwide appreciated for the indisputable quality of the raw materials used.

MRG has been among the very first companies to receive this certificate as a proof of its devotion for the company mission based on essential values like professionalism, high performance standards, top quality, in conformity with Best Practice models and “green” business strategies.

The OQC Listing program also acquires a social value since it believes in Italian entrepreneurial activities, in their strong will to create benefits for society and further increase the visibility of the prestigious industrial district for faucets and valves production “Verbano-Cusio-Ossola”, where the Company represents an active and integral part.

The OQC program and mark are conceived to enable Italian manufacturers to guarantee and demonstrate the high quality of their products by confirming that the whole production process is carried out in Italy.

Associated with worldwide recognized NSF International reputation, OQC marked products stand out not only in Italy but also on a global scale.

The leading program principles are health protection, quality, transparency and MADE IN ITALY production.

The need for this certification is easily explained by the market situation which is increasingly brand-focused and attracted by products with certified origin as evidence of reliability and quality. NSF market research too demonstrates that consumers prefer certified products.

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